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Volume 38 Issue 1
Mar.  2020
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XU Zi-yang, MO Sheng-peng, FU Ming-li, REN Quan-ming, ZHANG Ming-yuan, FAN Jie, XIONG Ju-xia, YE Dai-qi. APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT TREND OF RARE EARTH MATERIALS IN DEGRADATION OF VOLATILE ORGANIC WASTE GAS[J]. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING , 2020, 38(1): 1-12,36. doi: 10.13205/j.hjgc.202001001
Citation: XU Zi-yang, MO Sheng-peng, FU Ming-li, REN Quan-ming, ZHANG Ming-yuan, FAN Jie, XIONG Ju-xia, YE Dai-qi. APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT TREND OF RARE EARTH MATERIALS IN DEGRADATION OF VOLATILE ORGANIC WASTE GAS[J]. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING , 2020, 38(1): 1-12,36. doi: 10.13205/j.hjgc.202001001


doi: 10.13205/j.hjgc.202001001
  • Received Date: 2019-12-01
  • Rare earth materials are widely used in the field of air pollution control due to their rich hydroxyl groups, surface lattice defects and high-temperature stability, combined with their strong VOCs affinity and excellent oxygen storage and release capabilities. Recent studies have found that some rare earth-based materials are better than noble metal catalysts in the treatment of organic waste gases, and have explored in a wide range of prospects in practical engineering applications. Based on the literature and engineering investigations, the current status of rare earth-based materials in the fields of catalysis, adsorption, and practical engineering at home and abroad is reviewed. The advantages of rare earth materials and the problems they are currently facing are analyzed. The development trends of rare earth materials at home and abroad are analyzed and predicted from the perspective of adsorption, catalysis, etc. At the same time, the key issues and solutions in development are pointed out in accordance with China's current national conditions, in order to provide references for the future development of rare earth materials in the field of organic waste gas treatment.
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